Causes of Birth Injuries

Many birth injuries are completely avoidable

In a birth injury claim, it is alleged that a medical professional, through some type of negligence or carelessness, injured a baby or a mother. Birth injury claims may stem from a medical professional’s negligence during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and during the neonatal period (which is typically defined as the first 30 days after the birth of a baby).

In the United States, between 6 and 8 of every 1,000 babies born suffers some type of birth injury. Many babies recover from their injuries in a short period of time. However, other babies who sustain injuries at or near the time of birth may suffer serious long-term or even permanent injuries. At The Eisen Law Firm, our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers take birth injury claims seriously. For several decades, we have been relentless advocates, laser-focused on justice and obtaining maximum financial recovery for injured children.

What causes birth injuries?

There are a number of different causes and complications that may result in birth injuries. Just a few examples include:

In many birth injury cases, a thorough investigation reveals that the medical professionals responsible for managing the pregnancy, labor, or delivery were negligent in some way and are at least partially liable for the injuries that occurred.

How do you prove a medical professional was negligent?

Showing that a medical professional was negligent is often a lengthy process. It is important to meet with an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible to begin working on your claim. A $2,000,000 settlement was reached with the hospital and the physician when an error was made and they were negligent . The medical staff discounted a mother’s observations when her sons’ fingers were turning blue. Five-year-old C.J. had to have all his fingers on one hand amputated.

Our skilled birth injury attorneys examine all types of evidence to build a strong negligence claim against a medical professional. This includes:

Other types of evidence may also be submitted, depending on the facts of the claim. Our birth injury attorneys carefully review all the evidence in your case and are passionate about building the most powerful case possible against the medical professionals and other individuals or entities responsible for your child’s injuries.

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