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Infant cephalohematoma affects about one to two percent of babies born in the United States. While a cephalohematoma might heal without any major issues, some babies experience complications that can be serious. If you learn your newborn has been diagnosed with cephalohematoma, it might be the responsibility of the doctor.

You should always discuss this type of diagnosis with an experienced Ohio birth injury lawyer. The Eisen Law Firm has extensive experience handling all types of birth injury cases, so please contact our office to discuss your legal rights and how we can help.

Overview of Cephalohematoma

Cephalohematoma is a pooling of blood in the space between an infant’s skull and scalp. “Cephalo” means head or skull, and “hematoma” refers to a collection of blood or bleeding outside of a blood vessel.

Parents might notice a bulge on the baby’s head, which may harden over the next few weeks before it heals. While some infants do not exhibit any symptoms other than the bulge, cephalohematoma can cause the following:

It is important to get the condition properly diagnosed, so doctors can monitor your child for any complications that might need to be addressed.

Treating Cephalohematoma

If you notice something out of the ordinary regarding your infant’s head, a doctor can conduct a physical examination and might want to perform a CT scan, X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound. Upon diagnosis of this condition, a doctor might prescribe medications or therapies, though many cephalohematomas will heal on their own.

It is important for a doctor to monitor your child for possible complications. If something arises, your child might need one or more of the following:

What Causes Cephalohematoma?

Cephalohematoma is a birth injury that can occur for different reasons. Sometimes, an infant’s head is simply too large and suffers trauma during birth. In other situations, there are other factors that increase the risk of this condition, such as:

In some situations, a doctor might not be able to prevent blood from pooling on your child’s skull. However, doctors can make mistakes that lead to cephalohematoma, including using birth-assisting tools improperly, allowing labor to go on for too long before ordering a C-section, administering certain medications, and failing to identify and account for risk factors.

When a doctor’s mistake leads to cephalohematoma, you might be able to hold the doctor or hospital liable for the costs of treating and monitoring the condition. You should not wait to have a birth injury lawyer in Ohio evaluate your rights.

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