Placental Abruption – Undiagnosed Complications Cause Death of Fetus

A confidential settlement was reached

About 27.5 weeks into her previously uneventful pregnancy, Mrs. Stone began to feel abdominal cramping and pain. It was June 25th, and Mrs. Stone already had a scheduled doctor’s appointment for that day.

By the time she arrived at the doctor, it had been more than four hours since she had felt any fetal movement. She was seen by a nurse midwife first and then by her doctor.

The doctor and the midwife surmised that her pain was caused by dehydration and sent Mrs. Stone to the hospital. Once at the hospital, the nurses believed that they were monitoring Mrs. Stone’s fetus and that the fetus was alive and well. However, five hours after admission, the nurses were unable to find the fetal heart rate. Fetal death was diagnosed, and then later confirmed by ultrasound. Mrs. Stone’s baby died of placental abruption, a condition in which the placenta tears away from the uterus.

The Stones hired the Eisen Law Firm. During our thorough investigation, we were able to show that the nurses and doctors who cared for Mrs. Stone failed to properly monitor the health of the baby, resulting in the baby’s death. Had they properly monitored the baby’s condition, they would have known that the baby was suffering from hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and then would have performed an emergency Cesarean section.

In addition to the complicated medical case, the insurance company that covered the doctor and the hospital was preparing to file for bankruptcy, and its ability to pay out claims was in real question. The Eisen Law Firm was able to put the case together very quickly and secure a settlement before the insurance company went out of business.