AEGIS Aims to Reduce Post-Delivery Falls and Drops

Giving birth is exhausting. Mothers should be aware of both the benefit and possible harm in holding their newborns.

A new mother may not look fondly upon each and every moment of giving birth to her child, but holding a newborn for the first time is a memorable experience. Research shows that when a mother makes eye contact with her newborn child, their brain waves actually sync up. Their emotions and heart rates become closely aligned. So, it’s understandable that mothers would want to hold their babies as much as possible, even if they’re exhausted from a long labor and difficult delivery.

Unfortunately, mothers are not always alert enough to hold their babies properly. New mothers are frequently tired, medicated, and emotional. Without proper supervision from doctors and nurses, this can lead to tragedy. In an instant, a mother may go from exhausted joy to terrified worry. National figures show that between 600 and 1,600 newborns are dropped every year in the United States. Many of these babies are dropped by their own mothers.

The meticulously designed AEGIS promotes newborn health and prevents tragic falls and drops.

SAPLACOR, a company based out of California, has a new solution for preventing such falls and drops. Dubbed “AEGIS,” the product looks like almost like a teenage girl’s tube top, with layers of fabric wound around a mother’s chest. The fabric, however, is knitted from X-Static Silver thread, designed to regulate a baby’s temperature and deter harmful germs. And, the product is much more secure than a tube top.

AEGIS is designed to promote skin-to-skin contact, proven to benefit both mother and child, but it also has the potential to be a vital tool in preventing falls and drops soon after birth. The wrap “properly positions your newborn as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for safe skin to skin bonding and will help reduce the risk of accidental infant falls,” SAPLACOR’s website states, among various other claims of health benefits.

Mary Chiesa, founder and CEO of SAPLACOR, hails from a large family of nurses. After witnessing an exhausted mother drop her child in the hospital, Chiesa knew there was a need for increased safety in such instances. The maternity ward is the only place in a hospital where patients are expected to care for other patients. A baby should NEVER be dropped. Hospitals need to provide care and supervision of BOTH patients, so that one doesn’t accidentally harm the other.

After witnessing this tragic and preventable medical error, Chiesa created AEGIS — “The Seatbelt of Maternity.” Although the product is relatively new to the world of neonatal care, it’s already winning innovation and safety awards from organizations such as EMSWorld and the Pediatric Device Consortium.

Mothers retain their mobility when carrying their child in AEGIS, and it proves especially useful during high-risk fall activities such as breastfeeding. Breastfeeding triggers the release of a hormone in the mother called oxytocin, which increases relaxation and drowsiness. Painkillers and other medications given to a mother in the hospital also affect her ability to be sufficiently alert when carrying her baby.

Doctors and nurses may be responsible for dropping newborns, too. If your baby was injured, The Eisen Law Firm can help.

Babies aren’t always dropped by weary mothers. During especially hasty deliveries, a baby might fall before the doctor is able to react. Sad but true, The Eisen Law Firm successfully represented a client whose doctor was not paying close enough attention and dropped the baby during transfer to the nurse immediately after delivery. Nurses may also drop newborns shortly after delivery, or even accidentally knock them out of bassinets while they are being transported throughout the hospital.

Some newborn injuries that may result from a fall or drop include:

Whether caused by a new parent or a medical professional, newborn drops and falls are preventable. With proper safety measures in place, a baby should not fall in a medical facility. If your baby has been injured from a fall at a hospital, you should contact our birth injury attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm.

Our Ohio medical negligence attorneys are experienced and compassionate. We stay abreast of the latest technologies and services, like the AEGIS, so that we can best serve our clients. We can help you receive the compensation you and your loved ones deserve should you be the victim of medical negligence. The Eisen Law Firm offers free consultations, and we are prepared to assist you with your medical error case. To schedule your free consultation, call 216-687-0900 or contact us online.