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A lack of oxygen during pregnancy, labor, or delivery may be devastating for a newborn

During pregnancy, labor, and delivery, there are many complications that may arise that can cut off a baby’s oxygen supply. It is imperative that doctors, nurses, and other members of the medical team act quickly to restore the flow of oxygen to the baby. Studies have shown that even mild oxygen deprivation can lead to impairment and developmental delays. At The Eisen Law Firm, our aggressive birth injury attorneys hold each and every medical professional who harmed your child accountable for your child’s injuries.

What causes a lack of oxygen during pregnancy, labor, or delivery?

There are many complications that may lead to oxygen deprivation, or asphyxia, in a baby. These include:

Of course, there are other conditions and complications that may cause asphyxia as well. The complications noted above are some of the most common causes of oxygen deprivation.

What are the signs of birth asphyxia?

There are several signs and symptoms that indicate a baby’s oxygen levels may be dangerously low. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff should regularly monitor a baby’s oxygen levels and take immediate action if it appears the baby is not receiving enough oxygen.

The signs associated with oxygen deprivation include:

These signs should be addressed immediately to reduce the risk of brain damage in the baby.

What conditions may be caused by a lack of oxygen?

If managed quickly, a temporary lack of oxygen may not result in long-term effects on the baby. However, if the baby is deprived of oxygen for more than a few minutes, the following complications could develop:

If your child has been diagnosed with any of these conditions, or if your child did not survive childbirth, you may be entitled to compensation if your child’s medical professional was negligent.

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