Ohio Failure To Deliver Claims Attorney

The failure to deliver may have devastating consequences on a new baby and its mother

In pregnancy, labor, and delivery, the timing of diagnostic tests, treatments, and procedures is key to maintaining the health of the mother and baby. In some situations, waiting just a few minutes to begin a treatment may have serious health consequences. Waiting too long to deliver a baby, for example, may result in serious injury to the mother and baby. At The Eisen Law Firm, our Ohio birth injury lawyers are experienced in all types of medical malpractice and birth injury claims, including failure to deliver claims. Trust us to hold medical professionals accountable for the injuries they caused you and your family.

What is the failure to deliver?

In some pregnancies, a baby may begin exhibiting signs of distress and need to be delivered as soon as possible. Additionally, some mothers develop conditions during their pregnancies that make labor and delivery riskier than normal. For example, if a pregnant woman develops preeclampsia, she may need to have her baby right away so that her life and the life of her baby are not in jeopardy. If a physician waits too long to deliver a baby in these cases, and the mother or baby is injured, a birth negligence claim may be appropriate.

The elements of a birth negligence claim

In all birth negligence claims, a claimant must show:

All medical professionals who agree to treat a patient assume a duty to provide medical care that meets applicable standards of care.

Proving that the medical professional breached this duty requires a careful examination of the facts of the claim. Generally, an expert medical witness is consulted by your birth negligence attorney to study the medical records and explain what should have been done differently. For example, did the medical professional use an outdated technique? Did the doctors and nurses fail to communicate properly about a condition? Was the wrong medication prescribed or administered? These are all examples of negligence.

Depending on the individual case, a birth negligence claim may seek hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages or more. Damages may include:

Other damages may also be available, depending on the circumstances. With the assistance of an experienced birth negligence attorney, you significantly increase the value of your case, as your attorney understands each and every type of compensation that may be sought in a claim. In many cases, claimants were unaware that they were entitled to certain types of damages.

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