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A sample of our successes in birth injury cases

Finding the right lawyer to handle your birth injury case can be the most important step in making sure that your baby’s medical needs will be provided for the rest of her life. We cannot undo the harm that was caused by a medical professional, but we can fight for you and obtain the best possible financial outcome, so that you have the means to provide the best possible medical care for your child. We are prepared to take our cases to trial if needed; we will not back down. The attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm are award-winning and consistently earn top marks by state and national rating agencies. Our sole focus is in medical malpractice. We know the medicine. We know the law.

The birth injury attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm have had multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. A verdict is a decision made by a jury on a given case. This means that the case went to trial, and the decision of fault and the dollar amount was decided by a group of individuals, or jurors, presided over by a judge. A settlement is the formal resolution of a lawsuit between the parties involved by mutual agreement. A jury is not involved here. Think of it as a written contract, where the medical provider agrees to pay you a sum of money, and in exchange, you agree to drop the lawsuit.

Knowing the dollar amount to ask for in a birth injury trial, or how much to settle the case for, takes years of experience, industry knowledge, and careful planning. We use a team of experts to help us understand the economic impact of your child’s medical needs. Life care planners, economists, medical personnel, and others are all involved in determining how we can help you and your baby become “whole” again. In other words, what will it take to assist you and your family so that you can live as though the medical error had never occurred? How can we help you and your child live a productive, happy life in your new normal?

Once a verdict or settlement is reached in your birth injury case, we work with you and financial planners to structure your money in the best way possible. Sometimes, we can help you take advantage of certain tax provisions that allow money received from an injury lawsuit to grow tax-free for years. With proper planning, settlement funds can last your child’s entire life.

Below are just a few examples of our successes in birth injury and toddler injury cases. Please click here for a more complete list.

Confidential Settlement – Delay in Diagnosing Meningitis Results in Hearing Loss and Movement Disorder in Toddler

It is so frustrating when a parent seeks help, only to get shooed away.

$8,000,000.00 Settlement - Baby Develops Cerebral Palsy after Mother’s Uterus Ruptures and Doctor and Hospital Fail to Diagnose Fetal Distress

Labor and Delivery was normal, or so they thought. Then, the mother’s uterus ruptured. This caused fetal distress in baby James.

Confidential Settlement – Failure to Communicate Positive Preeclampsia Results Leaves Mother with Neurological Deficits

At 25 weeks pregnant, Julie D went to the Labor and Delivery department of her local hospital with vision problems and a headache. The nursing staff immediately suspected that she had pregnancy-induced hypertension, or preeclampsia. So, they ran some tests, including a urine test. This test showed that protein was in Julie’s urine, and a preeclampsia diagnosis should have been made.

$5,600,000.00 Settlement – Cerebral Palsy and Birth Asphyxia Caused by Failure to Perform Cesarean Section

Rebecca Smith did not come into this world easily. After a prolonged birth, she was delivered by Cesarean section.

Confidential Settlement – Hospital Errors Result in Death of Newborn

At 28 weeks pregnancy, Jessica R had severe abdominal pain. So severe, that she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and admitted to the intensive care unit.

Confidential Settlement – Poor Prenatal, Obstetrical, and Hospital Care Results in Death of Newborn Baby

For months, Sally and John tried to conceive their first child. To move the process along, Sally’s doctor prescribed Clomid, a fertility drug.

Confidential Settlement - Undiagnosed Placental Abruption Causes Death of Fetus

About 27.5 weeks into her previously uneventful pregnancy, Mrs. Stone began to feel abdominal cramping and pain. It was June 25th, and Mrs. Stone already had a scheduled doctor’s appointment for that day.

Confidential Settlement – Inaction Results in Death of Fetus

Anaya, an expectant mother, was scheduled to be induced. As is standard, an electronic fetal monitor was placed on her belly to monitor the baby’s heart rate and the progress of uterine contractions.

Confidential Settlement - Failure to Perform a Cesarean Section Results in Death of Baby

Joy was at full term and all signs pointed to a normal and healthy baby on the day she went into labor. As is standard in deliveries, an electronic fetal monitor (EFM) was placed on Joy’s abdomen to measure her contractions and the baby’s heart rate during her labor.

Confidential Settlement – Delayed Diagnosis Results in Permanent Injury to Hand and Fingers

Many Children fall off their beds, but for Caroline, her fall resulted in her losing her hand and fingers. At four years old, Caroline fell off her bed and broke her arm.

Confidential Settlement - Failure to Diagnose Stroke in Five-year-old Causes Permanent Motor Injuries

One night when little Jack was five, he woke up crying. His parents rushed to his bedroom, only to find him shaking.

$2,000,000.00 Settlement - Child’s Fingers Amputated Due to Medical Error

Poor little C.J. He was just five years old when he was admitted to the hospital for abdominal surgery.

Dropped Baby leads to Birth and Brain Injury – Confidential mid seven- figure Settlement

A family received help from The Eisen Law Firm when their premature child was dropped and require treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Medical Errors During Delivery Causes Wrongful Death of Mother

Lyndsay Biggar, wife, mother of one son, and law enforcement officer, was eight-plus months pregnant in 2019.