Ohio Delay in Delivery Injury Lawyers

Delays in delivering a baby may cause permanent disability or death

Every woman’s pregnancy is different, and the same is true for her labor and delivery. Some women deliver their babies in less than an hour, whereas others labor all day and all night. Though many labors naturally take a long time, delays in delivering a baby can sometimes be harmful to the baby. At The Eisen Law Firm, our Ohio birth injury attorneys pursue negligence claims against medical professionals who cause harm to babies.

Why is a delayed birth dangerous?

If a baby is not born within the normal range of time, it is called a delayed birth. Certain circumstances may prevent the baby from being born on time. In most delayed births, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals may provide simple interventions that do not have any long-lasting impacts on the baby. However, if the birth is significantly delayed and no interventions are provided, the baby may be seriously injured or may even die.

Generally, babies who linger in the birth canal for 18 hours are likely in distress. The longer the baby spends in the birth canal, the more likely it is that the skull, spinal cord, and organs become dangerously compressed.

What disorders may be caused by delays in delivery?

There are a variety of complications that may develop if medical professionals fail to deliver a baby promptly. These include:

Other complications may also occur.

What are the signs of a birth injury?

If you experienced a long labor and your child has exhibited any of the following symptoms, you should meet with an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible.

Your baby’s pediatrician may notice other signs of a birth injury.

What do I do if my child was injured at birth?

If you believe that your child was injured at birth, you should schedule an appointment with our experienced Ohio birth injury attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your potential claim. Our birth injury attorneys carefully study medical records and other documents to determine if medical negligence has occurred and has caused your baby’s injuries. If it is determined that medical negligence was the cause of your child’s injuries, we can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation.

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