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Before their child is born, parents worry about a lot of things — picking a name, setting up a nursery, learning about childcare, choosing the right car seat, and a multitude of other preparatory actions. Parents do not typically worry about whether a medical professional will cause harm to their child during labor or delivery. But medical mistakes are more common than most people realize. And medical mistakes that cause injury to babies are among the most significant medical mistakes that can be made, as they typically result in a lifetime of harm. At The Eisen Law Firm, our birth injury attorneys are invested in helping children and parents maneuver through a situation they should never face alone. We look to help families as they recover from these tragic experiences.

Birth injury statistics

One in every 9,700 babies born in the United States will suffer from a birth injury. In total, 28,000 babies are injured at birth each year—and these injuries are often completely preventable.

The most common newborn injuries are:

Some of these injuries may not have permanent effects on an infant. However, many of them, such as cerebral palsy, may cause serious, long-lasting injury and require lifelong care.

What causes a newborn injury?

The United States ranks 37th in the World Health Organization Ranking of health systems, but it’s considered to be a leader in medical science and treatment. So, what causes birth injuries in the United States? Often, medical doctors and other professionals make serious mistakes that result in injuries. And these mistakes are not always flukes. They often are the result of systemic problems and poor policies and procedures. Mistakes may include:

Far too many newborn injuries are caused by medical negligence — and these examples are only a few ways doctors and nurses neglect their responsibilities as healthcare professionals.

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