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What Happens if Your Doctor Doesn't Treat Your Preeclampsia?

There are many medical conditions that women can develop while pregnant that might put the health of a baby at risk. One of these conditions is called preeclampsia, which causes a pregnant woman to develop abnormally high blood pressure, among other symptoms. Prenatal care should always include the diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia to prevent serious injuries to both the mother and baby.

If you believe you or your child suffered birth injuries due to mismanaged preeclampsia, you should contact an experienced Ohio birth injury attorney right away.

What is Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia involves an increase in a pregnant woman’s blood pressure, possibly to compensate for inadequate blood supply to the placenta and uterus. There are some factors that can increase a woman’s risk of developing preeclampsia, including:

Routine urine tests and blood pressure checks as part of prenatal care should diagnose possible preeclampsia, and doctors are then expected to order additional tests to check kidney and liver functioning, protein in the urine, and tests to ensure the fetus is receiving enough nutrients and oxygen.

Treatment for preeclampsia involves managing the symptoms until the baby is delivered. Often, delivery will need to be induced early, or a C-section scheduled, as the risks to the baby can increase after 34 weeks. Before delivery, women might be placed on bed rest at home or in the hospital to keep blood pressure as low as possible. Monitoring is critical for mothers with preeclampsia until the baby is developed enough for a safe delivery.

Complications from Untreated Preeclampsia

If preeclampsia is not properly diagnosed or treated, many complications can arise for both the mother and the child. Some possible complications in a pregnant woman with unmanaged preeclampsia can include:

In addition, babies can suffer the effects of untreated preeclampsia, especially if the mother develops eclampsia. Some injuries to a child from oxygen and nutrient deprivation might be:

All of the above can result in significant developmental delays and disabilities for a child. These delays might not be noticeable immediately after birth, but parents might suspect something is wrong as their child falls behind the expected schedule for developmental milestones. Children with these disabilities can live their lives with cognitive and physical impairments.

Learn How Our Ohio Birth Injury Attorneys Can Help

There is no excuse for doctors failing to test for and treat preeclampsia, as this should be part of standard prenatal care. The Ohio birth injury lawyers at The Eisen Law Firm are ready, willing, and able to represent clients following birth injuries caused by medical malpractice. Contact us online or call 216-687-0900 for your free case evaluation today.