A Routine Procedure Goes Amiss

Selena Gray looked forward to the birth of her daughter. Like many women in labor, she requested an epidural to help her manage the pain, but somehow, this basic procedure set in motion a series of agonizing events. After Gray’s baby was born, the health care providers were unable to remove the catheter from her spine, causing incredible pain and discomfort.

An Epidural Mishap

According to Jake Newby’s account in USA Today, five doctors tried to extract the catheter to no avail. The sixth doctor was all set to tug it out, but Gray’s mother intervened. The staff at the hospital at first resisted but finally allowed the mother and her newborn to be transported to a different hospital. Unfortunately, once the doctors at the second hospital evaluated the situation, they determined they couldn’t manage the problem. Therefore, Gray was sent to a third facility, six hours away, for an emergency surgical procedure. That procedure ultimately resulted in the successful removal of the catheter.

Gray remained in severe pain, with a burning sensation in her hip and leg. She required a walker for ambulation. Gray was also unable to breastfeed because of the narcotics she needed to subdue the pain as doctors struggle to deal with the catheter.

While Gray and her doctors are optimistic for a full recovery, the fact remains that something went terribly awry in what is considered a standard procedure, and that Gray and her family experienced a great deal of trauma because of it. No one at any of the hospitals has commented on the situation, citing the need to protect the privacy of the patient.

Birth Injury and The Eisen Law Firm

Clearly, there is cause for concern, as the family is trying to recuperate from this birth injury and determine what happened. When birth injuries occur, you need a successful, experienced lawyer to help you figure out what happened and assist with your claim. The Eisen Law Firm can help. Call our experienced Cleveland birth injury lawyers to discuss your options for legal recourse and for obtaining the compensation you deserve. To schedule your free consultation, call 216-687-0900 or contact us online today.