Errors in Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing is important for many pregnancies to identify possible health conditions in the mother or baby that could result in serious problems down the line. However, prenatal testing is not infallible, and many mothers get false results that put them and/or their pregnancy at risk.

Undetected Issues

Doctors have the responsibility during prenatal care to evaluate all pregnancy and delivery-related risks to the mother. Your doctor should recognize potential warning signs and know when to conduct tests for pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other pregnancy-related health conditions that require treatment to prevent harm. There might also need to be tests for bilirubin in the blood and other signs of conditions that can lead to serious problems for the baby.

Some circumstances that lead to the need for prenatal testing include:

If any indications for prenatal testing exist – including those listed above -- a doctor should order the proper testing. If the doctor fails to do so, conditions might go undiagnosed and untreated, resulting in preventable complications and birth injuries.

Common Testing Errors

Even if the right prenatal tests are ordered, there are still additional errors that might occur that can put a mother or infant at risk. Such errors can include:

Even with the right tests orders, these errors can result in improper medical care and treatment and preventable injuries.

Risk of Birth Injuries

When a pregnancy progresses without the right information regarding serious health conditions of the mother or birth defects of the child, both can be at risk of serious injuries. Many health problems or complications during pregnancy require bed rest, C-sections, and other precautions to protect the mother and child. When doctors make errors in prenatal testing, they might fail to take the necessary precautions to keep patients safe, and birth injuries can result. For example, if a doctor allows a vaginal birth when a C-section should have been ordered to prevent complications, it can put the infant in distress and cause lasting - if not fatal - injuries.

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Whether your doctor fails to test for a medical condition or other medical errors prevent you from knowing accurate results and receiving proper care, errors in prenatal testing can have devastating effects. Doctors might not prepare for complications they should have foreseen, and it can result in life-changing injuries to the baby, mother, or both, requiring costly treatment and even causing permanent disabilities.

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