Delayed C-Sections Linked to Brain Damage

A family in the United Kingdom was recently awarded 30 million pounds after a court found their son sustained a brain injury as a result of a delayed emergency C-section. For years, the now-seven-year-old boy was accused of having behavioral and temperament issues, and the parents were under scrutiny for bad parenting and neglect. Now, medical evidence demonstrated that his disorders were the result of a brain injury at birth.

In court, the family prevailed in their claims that the hospital where the boy was born was responsible for his struggles. The doctors reportedly delayed an emergency C-section, which resulted in brain damage. The court awarded damages to the family to compensate them for their past and future losses as a result of their son’s brain injury and resulting ADHD and autism.

The Importance of Timely C-Sections

A C-section is a major surgery, and medical professionals tend to avoid this procedure when a healthy vaginal birth is possible. However, in the quest to prevent unnecessary C-sections, medical professionals sometimes wait too long to order a C-section, resulting in brain damage to the child.

Some C-sections are scheduled long before it is time to deliver the baby. This typically occurs in cases where doctors have identified a health condition of the mother or baby that renders a vaginal delivery too dangerous. On the other hand, some women are admitted to the hospital with a plan for a vaginal birth, but the plan changes to a C-section delivery because of some risk or problem that develops during labor or delivery. Some reasons why a mother might need an emergency C-section include:

In some situations, medical professionals might fail to properly monitor the heart rate and heart rate pattern of the baby, which might delay the ordering of a needed C-section. During this time, the infant can experience oxygen deprivation, known as asphyxia. Asphyxia can result in damage to the brain tissue, which can lead to many problems, including:

In most cases, brain damage is irreversible, and a child will live with these conditions and challenges their entire life. These conditions can limit a child’s ability to succeed in school, have a successful career, and more. Parents might have to cover the costs of support workers, assistants, special schools, and more to accommodate their child.

If your child has brain damage and your C-section was delayed, there may be a connection. Delaying a necessary C-section may be medical malpractice, which means that parents might be able to hold doctors or other health care providers responsible for the harms and losses they caused.

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