Communication Error – Obstetrician Unaware of Positive Preeclampsia Results that Lead to Neurological Deficits of a Mother

A confidential settlement was reached

At 25 weeks pregnant, Julie D went to the Labor and Delivery department of her local hospital with vision problems and a headache. The nursing staff immediately suspected that she had pregnancy-induced hypertension, or preeclampsia. So, they ran some tests, including a urine test. This test showed that protein was in Julie’s urine, and a preeclampsia diagnosis should have been made. Unfortunately, Julie’s obstetrician never saw the results of the urine test. And to make matters worse, an unsupervised L.P.N. (not an experienced R.N.) was put in charge of caring for Julie, and he did not report the result, either A breakdown in communication, or really lack of communication, led to the correct medical personnel not knowing the results of a very important test. Why perform the test if no one is going to read or act on the results?

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