Brain Injuries - Stroke Causes Permanent Motor Injuries to a 5-Year-Old

A Confidential Settlement was Reached

One night when little Jack was five, he woke up crying. His parents rushed to his bedroom, only to find him shaking. They immediately took him to the nearest emergency room. While in the ER, Jack had a CT scan of his brain. The radiologist on call failed to see that Jack had an acute ischemic stroke. In other words, Jack’s brain showed signs that it had been deprived of oxygen, resulting in brain injury.

Because the radiologist failed to read the test correctly, Jack did not receive the treatment he needed.

Sometimes with babies, infants, and small children, it can take a while to determine the exact extent of the damage from medical errors, like failing to diagnose a stroke. Sadly, for Jack, by the time the error was discovered, and the stroke was diagnosed, it was too late. Jack had suffered extensive injuries. Jack was no longer able to properly control and use most of his left side, including moving his left arm, hand, fingers, leg, foot, and toes.

Just prior to trial, a confidential settlement was reached with the hospital and the physician.